The Cattery


Welcome to our new purpose built Shorline Cattery.


We give the cats an option to come out and play, some like to relax by the window whilst others like to come out onto the climbing frame.


One of our guests, Bumblebee keeping an eye on whats going on in the Cattery!

This is Wilma - one of our guests staying during the summer vacation

Be sure to give us a call well in advance of your holidays so we can reserve your condo for you.



When  we were planning the renovations of  'The Barn' we decided the cattery was one area we really wanted to develop, and so we decided to go with a Shortline condo style cattery.  We wanted to create an environment as close to home for our guests, in peaceful surroundings, away from the hustle and bustle of the main busy veterinary building and in an attempt to avoid any stress to them.  These beautiful condos provide just that.  Some of the condos have window views for those who like the brightness, and for others who like their privacy, we have catered for those also.  The condos can be linked for those cats who are from families where they are used to being together and so sharing is not a problem.

The condos have a separate sleeping area / climbing area / food area and litter tray area.  They are bright and spacious and so far our guests seem to be enjoying them.

The Nurses at the clinic look after the cattery and  offer the cats play time and interaction time as much as possible.  The Vets are always on site and should the Nurses notice anything which may be a cause for concern, the Vets are notified immediately and can treat / administer medication as necessary.  If there was ever an issue, you would always be kept informed.

We require your cat to be vaccinated at least ten days prior to arrival at our cattery.  In the case where your cat attends another Veterinary Clinic for medical needs, we would ask that you provide us with your vaccination record.  



Take a Look Around

We would be delighted to show you around the cattery on your next visit to the Clinic - please feel free to ask Reception.


Whilst we generally have adequate space available, we would always recommend you phone / email us in advance so we can ensure we have your specific dates / required condos reserved for you.

Let the Holidays Begin!

We look forward to welcoming you to our new cattery.