Our Dental Suite


  • Seeing on a daily basis the benefits and advantages which digital x-rays provide, we have invested in a digital dental machine.

  • Considering that 85% of pets have some form of dental disease, it can be a condition that can sometimes be under estimated.

  • By having the availability of x-ray, we can identify a condition which would be undetectable to the naked eye.

Our Dental X-Ray Machine


Dental X-Ray Tooth Selector



dental care

Dental Care for Cats & Dogs


Your pet's dental hygiene is an important part of their health care.  There are a number of things you can do for your pet to maintain healthy teeth and gums.  One thing is to brush your pet's teeth - which we would recommend begins when they are a pup / kitten as this will get them used to it from an early age and will form part of their daily routine.

The Correct Food


  • Tartar and plaque can build up on your pet's teeth.  Hills have a range of food which encourages a toothbrush-action on the teeth which helps prevent this build up. Please feel free to ask any of our Nurses / Vets to show you these foods.

Dental Procedures


  • Here at the Clinic we carry out dental procedures daily from de-scale and polishing and then extractions where necessary.  As with all anesthetics, they do carry a risk to your pet, so where possible, its best to try and look after your pet's dental hygiene through the food you feed them and the care you afford them at home in order to avoid the necessity of any dental procedures being required.