OUR TEAM OF NURSES **page under construction**

We are very lucky to have five fantastic Nurses and Veterinary Assistant at the Clinic - some of whom have been with us since 2006 - others who have over twenty five years experience.

You may not see as much of them as the Vets but they are tirelessly working both alongside the Vets, and behind to scenes, to ensure your pets are comfortable and are getting all the attention and care they deserve. 



The Nurses' duties - at a glimpse!

  1. They care for all the inpatients;
  2. Prepare animals for surgery, monitor them during the surgery and care for them while in recovery;
  3. They are responsible for kennel duties - cleaning up and making sure all the patients are clean and comfortable;
  4. They are in charge of the cattery and make sure all the guests are happy and well cared for;
  5. You may meet our Nurses when you visit for stitches removal / second vaccinations / wound care / anal gland expression / nail trims / ear cleaning.
  6. Our nurses are always on hand to answer any queries you may have - please don't hesitate to enquire at the front desk if you need their assistance.