What Happens at the Clinics


  • Weight Clinics with your pet are consultations with our Nurses, where a record will be taken of your pet's weight.  At the Clinic we will check for excess body fat and score your pet appropriately along with discussing their eating habbits.
  • The Nurse will discuss ways to help your pet lose weight. Cutting out the bits between meals and measuring can really help both lose excess weight, and then maintain a good weight.
  • The Nurse may recommend one of our foods tailored to help your pet lose weight.  Your pet will then have a body condition score and measurements will be taken.  A feeding recommendation where how much and how often and when to feed can be discussed.
  • Your pet's progress is then monitored by  fortnightly checks with the Nurse.  
  • Losing excess weight can really help improve your pet's energy levels. It is beneficial for their joints and heart and will hopefully prolong their life in the long term.  It can be a long procress but the results are worth it.



  • Whilst the correct type of food and indeed the correct amount of food to feed your pet is very important, especially if they are trying to lose weight, equally exercise is very important.  Even if just short walks - once they are regular it means the animal is getting some form of exercise and this will all help achieve the end goal meaning a healthier and happier pet.

Our Food Range


  • We stock a large variety of Royal Canin, Hills and Burns foods for both cats and dogs.
  • We have complaint specific foods such as urinary, gastro, low fat, metabolic.
  • Our Nurse can recommend an appropriate food for your pet.

Your Pet's Teeth


Please see our 'Dental Care' page for more information.



  • Be treatwise.  Its good to reward your pet but don't overdo it.  We stock some treats in the Clinic but whatever treats and rewards you give your pet - be conscious of the amounts.
  • The Foran treats we have also provide oral health to your pets with flavours such as brown rice and sweet potato / carrot and kale / oatmeal and dried kelp and there is also a special hypoallergenic one too.

Measure the Munchies


Its important to realise that a little treat for us does not mean the same for our pets.

You will see from the above chart just how much our foods multiply in content when we share with our pets.